An Ugly Waffle Never Killed Anybody

They are unpredictable. Seemingly uncontrollable. And they wield the power to reduce me to tears over a mangled homemade waffle. They deceive us into believing they are powerless. And they older we get, the more hostile they become.

Before we go any further, it is important that you know that I have struggled with how to share this topic, and even whether I should. After all, the line separating “good to know” and “too much information” is a delicate one. Besides, admitting that you cried over breakfast batter is embarrassing, at best. But now that my 40th birthday is squarely in my rearview mirror, I realize that they have me outnumbered and they aren’t giving up without a fight. Keep reading


Hide the Car and Sedate the Kids

I am a hypocrite.

Dyed-in-the-wool. Die-hard. Deep-seated.

Perhaps you’ve seen my work:

“You’re your own worst critic. You look great!”

“You deserve it! Do something nice for yourself.”

“Don’t worry about it, girl… I’m coming to see you, not your house.” (This one is my personal favorite.)

You may not recognize this as hypocrisy, because these encouraging words aren’t hypocritical at all… until you’re armed with the fact that I scoff when someone else (usually my husband) offers these words of encouragement to me.

In my house, word of an unexpected visit can bring my entire family to its collective knees. Keep reading

I Won’t Be Your Snooki, But…

If you’re keeping score, here’s the summary:

  • We moved to a small town where life moves a little slower
  • I have vowed not to multi-task my way through life anymore
  • My youngest child just started kindergarten
  • I’m trying to be a good mom, just not at the expense of my sanity
  • I haven’t posted in more than a week
Probably seems a little disjointed, but stick with me for a minute.
About two weeks ago, when the trauma of sending my youngest to school was finally subsiding a bit, I was reminded that I prefer company. Keep reading

Whose Idea Was This?

After 13 years, I’m preparing to be alone.

My youngest daughter is starting full-day kindergarten next week, and I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. Of course my friends assure me that I’m going to love having time alone to get things accomplished at home. And that she is going to thrive in the classroom with other children. And I’m sure that’s all true… sort of. Keep reading

Your “Thing”

I learned to ride a motorcycle because I’m a cheapskate…

Not because the gas mileage is better, although if I could figure out a way to get all three of my kids on mine, I’d sure use it more often. It’s because my husband paid for a slot in the rider course and then found that he didn’t need the class. The college wouldn’t refund the money, and I wasn’t about to chalk it up as a loss. So, with a little urging from him, I showed up for class. Keep reading

A 682-mile dinner trek

I recently traveled 682 miles to have dinner with a very dear friend.

Well, not really.

But during the road trip between Florida and North Carolina, our families did have dinner together for the first time… after 5 years of living about a half-mile apart. In fact, our families have had dinner together about 10 times in the past 6 months, and we still live in two different states. Keep reading

Death of a martyr

I can’t really be sure when it happened.

Sometime between my last day in the Army and the birth of my second child, the contents of my closet were stolen. My once-decent wardrobe was replaced with oversized t-shirts, ill-fitting jeans and worn-out sneakers. I even found myself occasionally wearing my husband’s clothes in an attempt to augment my wardrobe. Keep reading