“So What Did You Do All Day?”

Sometimes I come home at the end of the day, look around the house, and ask “So what did you do all day?” And when I ask myself that, I’m usually at a loss for an explanation. Because I know I did something. And I know I stayed busy. But I’ll be darned if I can list the things I did.

As I was reading a friend’s blog entry yesterday, I was reminded of a time about a year ago that I was bogged down in the sense that I would never, ever catch up. I knew I had a to-do list, but in spite of my crazy-busy days, it never seemed to get any shorter. And reading her blog reminded me of a trick I used then to convince myself that I really, truly accomplish things during my days. Keep reading


I Won’t Be Your Snooki, But…

If you’re keeping score, here’s the summary:

  • We moved to a small town where life moves a little slower
  • I have vowed not to multi-task my way through life anymore
  • My youngest child just started kindergarten
  • I’m trying to be a good mom, just not at the expense of my sanity
  • I haven’t posted in more than a week
Probably seems a little disjointed, but stick with me for a minute.
About two weeks ago, when the trauma of sending my youngest to school was finally subsiding a bit, I was reminded that I prefer company. Keep reading

The Enforcer

My son loves to socialize with his friends after school while he is waiting to be picked up. Which makes it all the more touching to me that he left the realm of cool 5th graders yesterday to find his kindergarten sister. Without being asked. Just because he didn’t want his sister to be alone while she waited.

I made sure to thank him for watching out for his sister, even though he said it was no big deal. But I disagree. Keep reading

Skid Marks

I’ve done the first-day-of-school dropoff a few times now. And I’ve discovered that it brings a few lessons of its own.

  • The first day of kindergarten never gets easier, no matter how many times I do it. In fact, it gets harder. Because as each child heads off to school for the first time, I become painfully aware that they are growing up. I realized today there will be no more first-day-of-kindergarten. This is it.
  • The first day of 5th grade and 8th grade are just as tough. Keep reading

Whose Idea Was This?

After 13 years, I’m preparing to be alone.

My youngest daughter is starting full-day kindergarten next week, and I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. Of course my friends assure me that I’m going to love having time alone to get things accomplished at home. And that she is going to thrive in the classroom with other children. And I’m sure that’s all true… sort of. Keep reading

“Tonto, I’ve Got A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas…”

I’ve enjoyed the company of my youngest brother and his family this week. As we laughed about funny things we remember from childhood, it occurred to me that there are lots of funny and poignant moments that can get lost in a day if we let them. I keep saying I’ll start writing them down, but I haven’t done it yet, probably because I haven’t found an efficient system for doing so.

So I’ll start here, and this will be my jumping off point. Keep reading

“Somebody Gouge My Eyes Out!”

The next time you need a little excitement at your house, try this: Kiss your spouse in front of your kids. I don’t mean the I’m-running-out-the-door-and-I’m-already-late kiss that we often give. I mean a meaningful kiss. Doesn’t need to be racy. Just deliberate.

My kids react violently: “AWWW… Stop! My eyes, my eyes!” and they scamper away at top speed. But I’ve also noticed a funny thing. After the excitement dies down, the younger ones will often say “Do it again!” Probably because they enjoy the group dynamic of all of us laughing together, but they request an encore nevertheless. Keep reading