Occupy Main Street

They almost had me.
They were this close to convincing me that all the good is gone from America.
The media’s round-the-clock coverage about citizens protesting in our nation’s cities left me frustrated and pessimistic.
But then my neighbors stepped in. The folks who live here in Small Town America.

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I Won’t Be Your Snooki, But…

If you’re keeping score, here’s the summary:

  • We moved to a small town where life moves a little slower
  • I have vowed not to multi-task my way through life anymore
  • My youngest child just started kindergarten
  • I’m trying to be a good mom, just not at the expense of my sanity
  • I haven’t posted in more than a week
Probably seems a little disjointed, but stick with me for a minute.
About two weeks ago, when the trauma of sending my youngest to school was finally subsiding a bit, I was reminded that I prefer company. Keep reading